Jquery auto text scroller vertical: Flexible HTML Table with Fixed Header and Footer around a Scrollable Body

World health organization breastfeeding recommendation

On a somewhat separate note, I’ve been experimenting with the CSS display: table style to see how that factors into this whole debacle (shown as Table 5 on my Pen ). From one point of view, it completely throws HTML table semantics out the window, but then again, all of that is retained via the raw CSS. In fact, it’s retained a bit too well since I’ve essentially arrived back to the stock default table but using divs with classes instead of the semantic elements. The issue of display: block or position: absolute plagues this table just as it does on an actual HTML table . At the very least, I did intend on adding hyperlinks from certain cells/rows at a later stage and this provides a very simple way of doing just that using basic anchors wherever I want to place them; something that I didn’t find an easy way of doing with a regular table (especially clickable rows). So it’s not a complete loss!

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