Checkered flag auto sales lakeland florida: Mustang Monthly magazine turns 40!


The Next 40 Years It’s been a long and interesting adventure; that is certain. These last 40 years have seen Mustang fads come and go, modern Mustangs overtake the show field, and classic Mustang owners we’ve known for decades sadly are no longer with us; many with no family members who are interested in taking on the stewardship of owning a classic Mustang. Getting the youth involved at all levels is paramount to not only the hobby’s survival, but the very survival of Mustang Monthly as well. The current generation absorbs content in different ways. While we have seen a decline in print, it is far from dead. Moving forward with digital initiatives like , our social channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and shooting video with just about everything we do now guarantees that the previous, current, and future generations can all enjoy Mustang Monthly and the Mustang hobby in the way that they prefer. So as long as people own Mustangs we’ll be here for the next 40 years (or more!) to produce the content that they want to read and view in the format that they prefer. We’re still here four decades later, and there’s no pasture in sight for us to be put out to! Forward we go!

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