Business week best companies to work for: Could The Next CEO At A Major US Bank Be A Woman? BofA CEO Brian Moynihan Says Yes–And Here’s Why

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Moynihan: We start from the basic operating principle of the company — we drive responsible growth — and that has four elements to it. You’ve got to grow, no excuses. You’ve got to be customer focused. You’ve got to do it with a focus on risk. And, it has to be sustainable growth. Part of how we create sustainable growth is by being a great place for people to work, since we are a people business. We have to share our success with our communities. And we have to drive operational excellence, which is a mindset of continuous improvement at every level of the company, which is how we manage expenses and allows us the ability to offer the benefits and programs we have. Our approach to diversity is built on commitment at the leadership level and begins with the board, myself, the management team and our Global Diversity and Inclusion Council (GDIC). The GDIC reports to me and is comprised of business leaders who drive accountability. We look at metrics and scoring in each business, literally down to people moving in and out to understand how we’re making progress at every single level. When I meet with one of my direct reports for a quarterly business review, we look at the diversity data for every layer of his or her organization, all the different micro-movements of people, women, people of color.  We’ve built that level of reporting into the quarterly review process.

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