Canada health care financing: Canada Takes On The Cost Of Pharmaceuticals


The authors note throughout the paper the means to modify these revenue sources, moderating them to meet special needs. Income tax increases can be subsidized by credits for the poor or elderly. Corporate taxes can be offset by corporate subsidies, like investment credits. An increase in sales tax can be offset by increased tax credits or rebates to those with lower incomes. This is perhaps the most glaring deficiency in their analysis – if you offset the revenue by givebacks, you still have a shortfall. In the end, we the people, even in Canada, pay for our healthcare. We may “choose” to pay through taxes, or our work or our purchases but the money has to come from someone and that someone is you. Special interests be they the wealthy, the poor, the corporations or small businesses will all try to shift these costs to someone else, and every one of them will have good reasons why. Fixing the cost of healthcare, in the author’s words, to “unscramble the omelette,” is more complicated than those political soundbites and the devil remains in the details we are not told. 

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