Used auto parts queens new york: Miami’s Queer Scene Transforms the City’s Nightlife

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“DJs make so much money, and we get paid $40 to $50 to spend three hours getting into drag and bring an insane amount of people who are going to buy drinks,” Jupiter says. “Meanwhile, while I was up in New York, gigs pay a minimum of $150. [New York] knows drag makes an impact.”Raised in a Cuban household, Jupiter came out as gay to her parents when she was a junior in high school at Mater Lakes Academy. She attempted to create a gay-straight alliance. “The principal of that school was a fucking monster,” Jupiter recalls. “[The administration] would call me out of my class to bully me out of doing this club.” The school was adamant that the club rename itself to the “Coexist Equality Club,” according to Jupiter, and threatened to out her to her parents. She decided to tell her mother and father herself.

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