Camera watch with video recording price in india: Canon EOS R Review – Shooting a Mini Documentary in India

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At first, using the Canon EOS R felt a bit strange yet familiar at the same time.… If you are used to shooting on older Canon DSLRs you will feel right at home when navigating through the menu structure. (As a side note, I hope that Canon will consider having a dedicated video menu structure implemented in their future mirrorless models). My only option to customise and have fast access to the buttons/functions I needed was to create my own video menu under “MY MENU”. When I wrote before that alongside the familiar I felt a bit “strange”, I meant that by looking inside the EVF the overall “feeling” of what I was seeing felt different. It took me some time to get used to the EVF and to my taste its quality is just fine. I’ve already used cameras with better EVFs. Speaking of which, the REC red symbol is located on the far right hand side of the screen, somehow making it hard to be noticed. (At least for me). I felt like constantly looking for it and to check if the camera is actually recording. Another grievance was the camera’s light measuring indicator. From whatever reason, it is there for only a few seconds after pressing the REC button, making it hard to judge the correct exposure while filming. In order “to revive” and bring it back, I had to half press the shutter button. Maybe there is a way in the menu to enable it to be there constantly but I could not find it. 

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