Health and human services agency: CHHS’ New Data Dashboard Offers a Wealth of Data


In order to fully address the needs of vulnerable Californians, we must look at our programs from a client’s perspective. In many cases, our clients’ varied needs, such as food insecurity or a lack of affordable child care, do not happen in isolation of one another. With this in mind, we have created data products like the Dashboard to help program managers better understand the multifaceted nature of service provision in a dynamic, intuitive format. By providing a “one-stop shop” resource for data communities interested in CalWORKs, CalFresh, In-Home Supportive Services, Foster Care, Medi-Cal, Department of Development Services’ regional center clients, and/or the Women, Infants and Children Program, we can make it easier for them to put public data to use for the benefit of clients. In addition, by housing the Dashboard on the  CHHS Open Data Portal , this work helps advance the agency’s goal of maximizing data transparency and accessibility by placing useful information in the hands of the public. By doing so, we take steps toward bridging the gaps that exist in large governmental organizations such as CHHS while furthering a more global understanding of the ways in which our programs benefit Californians.

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