Games like roblox for kids: Dear Parents, Don’t Blame ‘Fortnite’ For Your Bad Parenting And …

World health organization breastfeeding recommendation

Meanwhile, if it’s your college-aged child who is failing out of school because of  Fortnite,  that presents another problem entirely. You obviously can’t be responsible for their every waking hour—and at this point, you’re not responsible in the first place. One simple solution: If they flunk out of college because of games, simply stop paying for them to attend. (This applies to various other bad habits as well.) They’ll have to decide between expensive  Fortnite  skins and a decent future. That’s not a hard choice, really, but it’s one every human being has to make for themselves. Sometimes the hardest thing is simply letting go. It’s funny. At the very end of the Bloomberg piece they finally quote psychiatrist Paul Weigle who, amazingly enough, recommends that parents set limits on their children’s video game time. He also recommends kids under 10 don’t play at all, which is unrealistic at best, but the time limits, the active parenting, the whole “let’s take responsibility for our children instead of finding scapegoats”—all of that is right on the money.

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