Car racing video games for pc: The 20 best PlayStation 1 games

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A visual stunner and proof of the PlayStation’s horsepower at launch, this freewheeling multi-format action game has held up remarkably well through the years. Players take the controls of Robbit, a robotic bunny armed with an arsenal of explosive carrots, and leap … then leap again … and again. Jumping Flash! looks for all the world like a first-person shooter (we called ’em “Doom clones” back then), and some of the levels even play out through cramped corridors that call back to the likes of Wolfenstein 3D . But for the most part, Jumping Flash! explores the vertical potential of 3D graphics, allowing players to ascend high into the sky by chaining together consecutive rocket-propelled bunny hops. The robo-cartoon theme does a lot to wallpaper over the painfully low-resolution graphics, and a succession of forward-thinking innovations (such as the automatic downward camera tilt to help you stick your landings on tiny platforms) ensure Jumping Flash! has aged like fine carrot wine.

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