He will work it out lyrics: A Line-by-Line Breakdown of Jay-Z’s Verse on Meek Mill’s Song ‘What’s Free?’

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Meek Mill’s latest album, Championship s, dropped today. While I’m not the biggest fan of the Philadelphia yellsmith, I can acknowledge that because of everything that’s transpired in the past, say 18 months of his life, this album release is an event. From a very public feud with Drake (they’re cool now; Drake’s even featured on the album), a public breakup with Nicki Minaj (they’re not cool now it seems; plus he has a feature with Cardi B, which has to annoy Nicki ), to his very public feud with the criminal justice system that got tons of folks on board with his case to protest his incarceration, this album potentially serves as a “moment” for Meek. I listened to the album. On it, he makes various mentions of his trials (no pun intended) and tribulations. But largely, it’s Just Another Meek Mill Album.

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