Spyder ski 2019: BRP Inc. (DOOO) Q3 2019 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

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Good morning, Gerrick. I will take the dealer question, and Sebastien will take it from there. Just to give you a sense, it’s just starting. Obviously, there were some other OEM brands and general OEM brands that decided not to continue with Alumacraft, but I think it’s early to give feedback, but we feel comfortable. On the Alumacraft side, we’ve lost maybe 20 dealers so far, but we have 50 Evinrude dealers that raised their hand to take over the brand. We feel comfortable — I would like to remind you of some numbers. Alumacraft has about 275 dealers, mainly in eastern North America, Manitou, 150 in the Midwest, and Evinrude, we have 1,000 dealers coast to coast. There is maybe some short-term disruption in the dealer network because some other engine brands need to decide if they will continue to carry Alumacraft and Manitou, but mid-term, we don’t see any problems going forward. Sebastien?

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