Health assessment in nursing quizzes: JPN December 2018: Treatment of Cormorbid Pain, Depression, and Anxiety; Mental Health Promotion for Gender …

World health organization breastfeeding recommendation

1.    Describe the overlap in mental and physical symptoms associated with comorbid chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. 2.    Examine select nonpharmacological approaches that have the potential to address the compounding effect of mood on chronic pain. 3.    Identify appropriate terminology used when working with gender minority adolescents and measures that can be instituted to enhance mental health of gender minority adolescents. 4.    Describe risk and protective factors for the mental health of gender minority adolescents. 5.    Identify the challenges and benefits of a peer-run wellness center on the grounds of a state psychiatric hospital. 6.    Recognize the teaching of self-advocacy skills as a universal service provided by peer-run wellness centers. 7.    Describe nurses’ and midwives’ in Saudi Arabia knowledge about postpartum depression. 8.    Identify the basic characteristics of postpartum depression, including prevalence, definition, symptoms, and risk factors. 9.    Describe the detection and treatment methods of postpartum depression.

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