Play fun fair games online: ‘Red Dead Online’ Could Cost Rockstar A Billion Dollars If It Doesn’t Fix Its Economy Quickly

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The problem Rockstar faces is that if the open beta now draws in millions of players who bought Red Dead Redemption 2 , the current state of the economy may end up turning them off from the outset. And that’s a serious problem if they’re looking to replicate the success of GTA Online, a mode that according to analysts has made Rockstar over $1 billion in revenue since launch through its microtransactions alone, helping to turn GTA V into the golden goose it’s been since launch. Starting off on the wrong foot could turn off countless players who are uninterested in a grind this unrewarding, and what could have been a cash cow will turn into a rotting steer carcass in the desert rather quickly. Rockstar needs to fix its pricing immediately , and explain exactly how gold bars are going to be priced in the in-game store so players can judge if that’s remotely fair or balanced as well. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and even if some are saying “well it’s just a beta,” in this day and age, you will rarely find a beta  all that different from final release, as they’re mostly used and promotional teases and stress tests. And with something like Red Dead Online, it’s not clear exactly how long this “beta” will go, and when it will shift into a full release. There is no end date for this beta in sight like you see with many other early tests.

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