Sony ericsson xperia play playstation games list: The 10 best video games of 2018


– ‘ Monster Hunter: World ’ (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One): This is for the core gamer. If you haven’t logged at least 100 hours in ‘ Monster Hunter: World’ , you haven’t really played this lush, action-oriented RPG. Yes, you kill or trap dragons of various species. Yes, you’re on a mission to save everyone’s very existence by vanquishing the awe-inspiring dragon Zorah Magdaros. But the world is so varied it’s difficult to stop playing, especially since Capcom has added events that include heroes and enemies from other games like ‘ Horizon Zero Dawn’s’ Aloy, Mega-Man costumes and the evil King Behemoth from ‘ Final Fantasy XIV’ . So, set aside some serious blocks of time. This monster of a game is very much worth the indulgence. – Text & Photo by The Washington Post

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