Best health food brands: 11 Wellness Trends To Watch In 2019

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Perfect Bar has led the way, with what founder Bill Keith told mbg was a “13-plus-year overnight success story”—the first refrigerated protein bar on the market. “Since we came onto the scene, the fresh-snacking category has been built out by six packaged-product segments: refrigerated protein/energy bars, protein snack packs, drinkable soups, bottled smoothies, yogurts, and ‘other’ (hummus or guacamole with crackers/chips),” he explains. According to a study commissioned by the company, since Perfect Bar launched in 2005, there’s been a four times increase in fresh snacking. Consumers are increasingly shopping the perimeter of the store, with 50 and 73 percent increases in the refrigerated snacks section over the past three years. More notably, the descriptor ‘is fresh’ is the No. 1 purchase driver for millennials and iGen, and on the retailer front, the fresh perimeter is growing 2.1 times the rate of the center store. Simply put, “If something is in the fridge, it has a different level of freshness,” says Rachel Mansfield , an Instagram superstar who created the Perfect Bar-wrapper-crumpling meme.

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