The games we played puzzle: I spy a puzzle piece

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When I was a freshman in high school, I got very attached to an RPG call “OFF,” which had recently translated from French. It was about a character named The Batter going through different “zones” and trying to purify the world, and while there were combat elements mixed in with every level, the basis of every “zone” was a puzzle. There were locks with combinations, mazes, memory puzzles — you name it. Even plot-theorizing was related to puzzles in some way because there was a library where the player could flip through some books and get some foreshadowing or backstory, and it was the player’s job to figure out what these books meant. What was foreshadowing, what was backstory and what was a retelling of the events happening right now? And what was gibberish? It was my job to parse it all and, once I had a hunch, I had to see if I was right.

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