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Vacuum technique More Headlines New Health Community presents Charlie, an autonomous medical robot! NXT Robotics Announces Service Partnership with Ricoh Motus Labs Announces New Actuator/Drive Architecture for Robotics Industry Robot sensors market to garner enormous proceeds from the manufacturing sector, augmented use of collaborative robots to be a key industry driver over 2018-2024 The 12th annual TraceParts design competition has been launched Articles LiDAR Solution for Mass Production and Adoption NIDEC GPM Strengthens Innovative Capacity Thanks to Mobile Robots Stanford Develops an Electronic Glove That Gives Robots a Sense of Touch Morphological Approaches in Medical Technology Choose Your Cobot Vacuum Gripper Wisely The use of a magnetic gripper on robot arms replaces the traditional vacuum technique. A disadvantage of vacuum grippers is that they are susceptible to malfunction and subject to wear. Furthermore, the vacuum cups must be positioned correctly, because when they are positioned even partially over a hole in the metal sheet they do not grip at all. The electromagnets used by other manufacturers are not a good solution for this problem, because they are so heavy that they reduce the lifting capacity; a magnetic gripper with permanent magnets is considerably lighter. Moreover, the gripper does not wear and has a longer service life than vacuum grippers.

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