Muskmelon seeds health benefits: Rising the Demand for Melon Seed Industry | Attractive Market Opportunities in the 2018-2026

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Melon seeds have high demand in food processing especially for making traditional desserts. These seeds have numerous health benefits such as: boosting the immunity, normalizing blood-fat levels, weight loss and contribute to the wound healing process. The omega-3 fatty acids and rich protein content play a vital role in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.  Apart from the health benefits, melon seeds are highly recommended in the cosmetic products due to the ability to stimulate cell growth and maintaining suppleness of skin. The phytochemical and anti-microbial activity of the melon seeds makes them a nexus ingredient for the elimination of bacterial infection.  Over the past few years, the demand for melon seeds has increased widely in the APAC mainly in: India, Japan, China, Thailand, South Korea and Malaysia. The growing consumer awareness regarding the benefits from melon seeds has augmented its market value at a global level.

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